“Simple and effective flooring solutions delivered to your site complete with detailed layout and instructions, ready for construction”

Whilst concrete slabs are the preferred base floor option for many builds in Australia, there are situations where a concrete slab is either not recommended, or impossible. Some of these situations include builds that take place on very steeply sloped blocks, on reactive clay soils, or in areas which are prone to flooding. Another reason why Floor systems are used is to build a larger house on a smaller block. Multiple storeys are being constructed and floor systems are the easiest solution for this market. In these situations, builders need to create an alternate floor base which is as cost effective and time saving as a concrete slab. This is why we give you the option of a floor system.

Our Floor Systems are designed by Dindas who provide:

  • Easy-to-follow and comprehensive layouts
  • Certified designs to relevant state Buildings acts and regulations
  • Complimentary design and take off from building plans
  • Cost effective solutions

All components ie. LVL Beams, 17c Beams, Floor Sheets and ancillaries needed to build the Floor are delivered to us and in turn to site when required.

Our engineered flooring solutions are designed for ease of installation, meaning your floors are installed in a fraction of the time and with less manpower making it comparable to a concrete pour.

Do you have questions regarding whether engineered prefabricated flooring is the right choice for your next build?

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