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“Choose our prefabricated wall frames for your next building project and SAVE! Requiring less man power to erect and with no chance of building site theft or wasted timber, our wall frames can save you both time and money”

Our prefabricated wall frames are becoming increasingly popular with both commercial and owner builders due to their many advantages over the traditional stick frame. Some of these advantages include:

  • Time saving – Let’s face it, time is money! The longer your build takes, the more you have to pay out in wages. Not only that, if you want your home or business built sooner rather than later, you need to pay multiple wages in order to speed up the process. Using prefabricated wall frames means that you can have your walls delivered right onto your top plate, complete with detailed instructions and layout so that all your builders need to do is erect them and secure them into place. This makes a job that can traditionally take weeks to even months, able to be completed in as little as a few days!
  • Light weight – Our prefabricated wall frames are constructed of treated pine in order to create walls which are durable, yet light. This means that erecting the walls of your building requires less man power than traditional methods, saving you money on wages.
  • Less building site theft – An unfortunate reality is that when you have a large quantity of quality timber delivered to a building site that is unable to be secured, it leaves that timber open and vulnerable to theft. Building timber is costly and is an easy target for thieves when left unattended. Choosing prefabricated wall frames means that the delivered product is much larger and more difficult to remove from the premises without the use of a crane or truck to carry it away. Furthermore, because prefabricated wall frames are much faster to erect, your timber isn’t left lying around for weeks or months at a time. You can have your timber bolted into its rightful place within a few short days, minimising the temptation for thieves.
  • No timber wasted due to error – Another unfortunate reality of building a stick frame is that you will always need to order more than your build requires, in order to allow for carpenter error. Even the most experienced and well regarded carpenters can make mistakes and those mistakes often mean wasted timber and wasted money. Choosing prefabricated walls means that you pay for what you use and nothing more.

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Did you know?

All of our roof trusses are designed using state of the art Pryda Build software? Pryda Build allows our detailers to design any and all roof truss systems, from simple domestic designs through to intricate or large industrial designs. The advantages of using Pryda Build to design your roof trusses are many and include:

  • Flexible layouts to bring your unique project design to life
  • Cost effective yet durable designs which use the minimum of timber needed to create your truss frame, without sacrificing strength.
  • Detailed and easy to follow installation plans which take the guess work out of your roof truss installation

East Coast Frames and Trusses use only the highest quality timbers to manufacture our products. We choose to use treated Pine for its light weight, ease of handling and pest resistance benefits. Treated Pine has a widespread reputation in the building industry for being an excellent building material for all these reasons, as well as possessing the strength and durability required for building frames and roof trusses.

Our service also extends beyond the design and manufacture of top quality roof truss systems. We also offer a delivery service using our heavy duty crane trucks, allowing us to deliver your roof trusses right on your top plate where possible, for safe and easy installation.

Choose East Coast Frames and Trusses for your next project and experience the difference a full service company can make to your next build!

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