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Roof Trusses

“Engineered to a standard that beats, not meets regulations”

Our Roof Trusses are designed using state of the art design software – Pryda Build, allowing us to create roof trusses for your next project which are cost effective without compromising on strength.

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Wall Frames

“Install your walls in a fraction of the time”

Choose our prefabricated wall frames for your next build and enjoy the many benefits which include a shorter build time and reduced risk of building site theft.

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Stick Frames

“The right amount of timber for your project, at the right price”

Our team can provide a timber take off from your design, ensuring you receive the right quantity of timber for your project, at the right price.

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Engineered Floor Systems

“Prefabricated flooring with easy to follow floor maps which take the puzzle out of floor installations”

Our Engineered Flooring Systems are built on our premises according to your plans for the perfect fit, every time. Our detailed floor maps which are provided with every flooring system make for an easy and straight forward installation.

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We'd love to help you build a stronger home!

Our Roof Trusses, Wall frames and Flooring systems are produced using mechanically graded Hyne timber. Hyne timber is a high quality plantation grown Australian softwood which is perfect for structural use in building projects.

East Coast Trusses & Frames Sunshine Coast Timber Trusses Prefabricated Timber Frames - Sunshine Coast Qld

Here at East Coast Frames and Trusses, our aim is to simplify your building process. We work with you every step of the way to ensure that your build is as straightforward and hassle free as possible.

We understand that coordinating a build can be a major headache which involves organising many different tradesmen and technicians and because of this, timing is crucial. In order for everything to come together as planned, you need to use companies that are reliable and which communicate effectively. This is why our company takes such pride in being reliable and communicative. We know just how imperative it is in this industry!

When engaging our services, you can expect our products to arrive on site at the time requested, to your nominated specifications. On time, every time.

Call us today on 07 5493 3088 to speak to one of our friendly team members.

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