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Pryda pioneered the design and manufacture of timber jointing connectors to simplify timber construction and now produces a vast range of different timber connecting and fastening products, not only for building applications, but also for general industrial use.

The Pryda range includes structural components such as nailplates, metal bracing, lintels, joist hangers, truss boots, tie-down connectors, post anchors, shade cloth and foil fittings, anti-split plates, timber packaging nailplates and a variety of general metal products. Timber fasteners supplied by Pryda include nails, collated nails and fasteners, staples, bolts, set screws and masonry anchors.

These products for connecting timber-to-timber and timber-to-concrete are available to the trade and home renovator through hardware stores and building supply outlets. On-going product research and development keeps Pryda at the forefront of timber connection technology.


Hyne Timber is Australia’s largest, privately owned timber manufacturer, established in 1882.  They are a leader in technology implementation, product development and quality control with a world class manufacturing capacity and enviromental standards and have an unwavering commitment to sustainably grown plantation timber production and supply in Australia.

T2 Hyne Blue timber is specfically designed to protect timber from termite attack in areas south of the Tropic of Capricorn, Hyne T2 Blue continues to gain momentum as a preferred structural softwood building material providing consumers with confidence and security for their noew home or renovation, Hyne T2 Blue has a 25 year guaranteed protection against structural damage by termites.  Hyne T2 Blue is non toxic to all mammals and is totally safe to handle and off-cuts are easily disposed of to landfill.

For more information visit their website: www.hyne.com.au


Megabeam is a locally owned and run Caloundra company producing 17C Glue Laminated Beams.  Glulam, short for glued laminated timber, is an engineered wood product manufactured by glueing together pieces of timber, know as laminates.

This process produces larger size and longer length members, which can be curved or straight.

Glulam offers many benefits when it comes to structural applications.

  1. Large section sizes and long lengths – glulam can be manufactured curved or straight and is often used as structural beams.  Finger jointing allows for long lengths.
  2. Increased strength due to the laminating process – glulam is stronger than solid timber as it has fewer natural defects and a wider distribution.  It is also comparable to steel in strength but is much lighter
  3. A high degree of dimensional stability – glulam is manufactured from seasoned timber and is therefore less prone to movement caused by changes in moisture content. Howeever, care needs to be taken if they are used externally or in an enviroment with rapidly changing humidity (indoor swimming pool).  Swelling and shrinkage may lead to splitting or, in extreme event, delamination of the beam.

Engineered to perform.

hySPAN solutions range from Dindas provides a cost effective solution with predictable performance in residential, commercial, rural and industrial construction applications.

Engineered to perform, hySPAN Structural LVL is available in two complementary ranges delivering both softwood and hardwood alternative beam solutions. hySPAN and hySPAN+ are easy to work with using traditional building tools and are clearly branded for easy identification and your guarantee of quality.

hySPAN is the LVL you’ve known and trusted in traditional sizes. Engineered to perform at a more affordable price. Strong, straight and true Dindas hySPAN provides the predictable, consistent performance you expect from hySPAN. Readily available in long continuous lengths and thicknesses including 35 mm, 45 mm, 63 mm and 75 mm and section depths from 90 mm to 600 mm.

hySPAN+ offers an alternative to F17 hardwood beams for residential construction in traditional sizes. It provides the extra performance of F17 graded LVL with modified properties and sizes to suit F17 hardwood conversion. Dindas hySPAN+ is widely available in long continuous lengths in thicknesses of 35 mm and 45 mm and section depths from 90 mm to 290 mm.

For more information visit their website:  http://www.dindas.com.au

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